I am a veteran of the financial services industry. I have managed billions of dollars of investments for both institutions and individuals. In my career I managed a mutual fund, the fixed income portfolio for a mid-sized insurance company, oversaw the investment selection for thousands of company retirement plans, developed a financial planning business and managed the annuity business for that same insurer.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), my training is in investment analysis and management. However, my experience has shown me that most people need better advice on how and what to save and simple investment solutions much more than they need complex investment strategies. While the financial industry touts their investing prowess, the average person hasn’t saved enough for it to matter what investments they choose.

Using the concepts covered here at SESO, my husband and I were able to leave work more than a decade early. My husband retired at the age of 55, and I followed him a year later, at the age of 51. Our success was not due to my knowledge of investments. It was the result of both of us working together to save enough money to maintain our lifestyle for decades.

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